Friday, April 27, 2018

Beauty beyond Reason

This little book is a monumental accomplishment for me.

The first half of the book consists of the lyrics for a song cycle celebrating performance dance.  The song cycle will eventually be performed as a ballet chanté.  Works are underway for a short production in the Fall of 2018 in Brooklyn, New York.

The second half of the book consists of poems spanning 20 years of my ongoing celebration of dance through poetry.

The book's blue cover alludes to the setting of George Balanchine's iconic ballet, Serenade, which is also celebrated in the book with one of my sonnets.

- for George Balanchine

Mr. B sits at the tip of the wing,
he knows the piece, he knows what to expect,
there is always the inevitable misstep,
his interest now is watching the audience.
Behind the curtains, he knows the routine,
choice dancers of the corps, the trembling breath,
then the salve of the soothing release
and from this calm the strings begin to sing.
With an ethereal blue the curtain lifts
and the dancers - standing, enchanting,
after years reaching for the impossible -
touch the divine with their fingertips.
Then a whispered phrase as smooth as a pearl,
"Now, my dears, you may dance before the world."

The back cover includes an addition poem and a photo by Daniel Leventhal from 2018.

This year I also established my own independent press - Dendritic Path Press. Beauty beyond Reason is my first publication under my own imprint.

The press' logo is:

The Path I take is the path I create.

Copies may be purchased on Amazon: Beauty Beyond Reason or visit me at my bookstand in Manhattan for an autographed copy!

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