Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mirth and Melodious Poetry

Photo by Jeremiah Hull
I have become such a fixture in front of the library a photographer decided to use me in one of his shoots.

The other day I had the pleasure to work with Jeremiah Hull and Lindsey. I can say that the warm, congenial spirit of Lindsey that is captured in the photos is without question a combination of the
sincerity of her brilliant character and the exceptional artistry of the photographer.

Check out Jeremiah's website for some truly beautiful photography.

Photo by Jeremiah Hull

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy National Poetry Month, Time to Fill the Air with Music!

On First Looking into John Rawls’ A Theory of Justice

Reading John Rawls is like watching Spinoza
work.  The propositional statements opening
every paragraph distinctly outline a frame.
Then the ensuing declarations reveal the delicate
curve of the lens.   One would expect a coarseness
in the grind of gritty words, a gnashing of gears
in the machinery of technicalities, but the dust
clears with the soft breath of insightful inspiration
revealing a clarity in vision, not simply of the text,
but of the world. 
                                  I imagine Keats “First Looking,”
climbing steep slopes of verdant folios from within
Baruch’s humble chamber, diligently polishing
the mind into a never-ending understanding
resolving the focus of everyone’s spectacular life. 

Garrett Buhl  Robinson