Friday, February 3, 2012

Mental Gyms

Where are the “mental gyms”? Millions of people are members of Health Clubs. Many of us spend a considerable amount of our personal resources developing and toning muscle mass, myself included. The fact that physical activity improves our general health and quality of living is without question. What about developing “mental mass”? How about flexing those logical faculties? How about toning up those elocution skills? How about building the stamina of our concentration?
The benefits are obvious. Our keen discernment enables us to recognize more opportunities to develop our lives. The effective articulation of our thoughts allows us to reach agreements with others. The refinement of our focus enables us to increase our understanding. The more competently we engage ourselves in life, the more effectively we can pursue our interests, negotiate our encounters and find fulfillment in our accomplishments.

Of course schools are “mental gyms”. But once people graduate, mental curiosity often wanes and mental challenges are removed once we are no longer exposed to rigors outside our routines.

Also, schools develop mentality through specific courses of study in established fields. We don’t have “Art History” or “Accounting” regions of the brain. We have visual discernment, reckoning and an orchestration of various mental processes to engage ourselves in such fields. Unless we are planning to join the powerlifting circuit, we don’t go to the gym to lift weights just to develop the strength to lift more weights. We lift weights to develop the strength to pick up partners and improve our general wellbeing.

There is no pill for intelligence. Just as a body builder knows, you can’t simply drink protein shakes and get ripped. You have to work at it. Our processes of thought are strengthened, elaborated and expanded by the demands of our exertions. Why not have personal trainers that will guide us through building up our deduction skills, creative association faculties, and intuitive abilities? So then, not only can we continue bulking our biceps, toning our tummies, and maintaining our cardiovascular health, we will also maintain the spry strength of our minds.

After all, our mentality is directly involved with every part of our life we know.