Sunday, May 14, 2017

New Release! Fortune: Poems and Libretti

My 5th book of poetry is now available. The book is composed of 16 new poems plus 2 libretti. I had so much fun with Letters to Zoey, I have decided to begin composing more works for musical theater.

The poems in the collection are almost entirely sonnets. One exception is a villanelle, the eponymous poem - Fortune. Another exception is a 16 line poem that some may considered a "run-on sonnet." There is also a nontraditional form of a ballad celebrating dance

The first libretto, Discounter, is a tragic comedy depicting a mattress sales person. The second, On the Stage of Every Day, is an amusing and insightful libretto about a poet selling his books on the streets of New York City.

The "Look Inside" feature from Amazon should be available soon. For now, I have a sample poem "Jester" posted on my website.

The book is an extremely ironic expression, although hopefully not in a heavy handed manner. The individual compositions often make intricately corresponding statements within the work.

Please check the book out and tell others. I will have the book available on my bookstand within a couple of weeks.

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