Saturday, February 2, 2013

Les Ballets de Faile

This was more than a performance.  This was an extraordinary event.  Forget what you may consider to be the stiff, formalities at a Gala.  This was a first class Soiree.  Congratulations to Peter Martin and New York City Ballet for hosting a truly spectacular evening.  

Last night’s show was a feast for the senses. The art presented by Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller filled the Koch Theater with a fresh vibrancy and vitality.  Their mixed media work brought a fusion of paint, screen printing and sculpture together with allusions ranging from the classical to pop culture which certainly suggested the influence of Warhol and Litchtenstein, while still speaking with a voice of their own.  

Then, as would only be expected of the New York City Ballet, the dancing was amazing.  Peter Martin made an excellent selection of pieces that demonstrated the fact that this company has no limits.  These dancers can do anything and always in the most breathtaking ways. The performances ranged from the comic, to the sensual, to the spectacular.  

The whole evening seemed to suggest that this was not your mother’s ballet, but to me it said much more.  It demonstrated a fine art that has continued through centuries, a form of exquisite and passionate grace that has both remained true to its origins while continuing to evolve and excite new audiences in tour jetes that bound through every culture spanning the world.  For me, last night was another unique opportunity to once again fall in love with ballet.  

Than after watching the Seraphs perform on the stage, Sébastien Marcovici DJ’ed, and everyone danced.  What a night!

And if you missed the show, don’t fret.  There is another performance on May 29, but buy your tickets quick.  This event sold out fast.  

Check out the posting on the New York City Ballet page:  

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