Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mirth and Melodious Poetry

I have become such a fixture in front of the library a photographer decided to use me in one of his shoots. 

The other day I had the pleasure to work with Jeremiah Hull and Lindsey. I can say that the warm, congenial spirit of Lindsey that is captured in the photos is without question a combination of the sincerity of her brilliant character and the exceptional artistry of the photographer.

Check out Jeremiah's website for some truly beautiful photography.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy National Poetry Month, Time to Fill the Air with Music!

On First Looking into John Rawls’ A Theory of Justice

Reading John Rawls is like watching Spinoza
work.  The propositional statements opening
every paragraph distinctly outline a frame.
Then the ensuing declarations reveal the delicate
curve of the lens.   One would expect a coarseness
in the grind of gritty words, a gnashing of gears
in the machinery of technicalities, but the dust
clears with the soft breath of insightful inspiration
revealing a clarity in vision, not simply of the text,
but of the world. 
                                  I imagine Keats “First Looking,”
climbing steep slopes of verdant folios from within
Baruch’s humble chamber, diligently polishing
the mind into a never-ending understanding
resolving the focus of everyone’s spectacular life. 

Garrett Buhl  Robinson

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Sketch of Breath

New chapbook!  Available in front of the New York Public Library on 5th Avenue at 42nd Street.  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Everyone a Sun

Everyone a Sun

To understand is to dine divinely,
to devour without consuming.
The digestion is perception,
dissolving into the dissolving,
the more thoroughly infused,
the more completely ingested.

The sustenance is representation,
spiced with varieties of imperfections,
cascading into the metabolism
of the processes of thought.

No animal is stalked and slayed,
no fruit is plucked, no fields reaped,
they propagate through the nothing of poetry
and thrive within the enlivening mind.

Garrett Buhl Robinson

Everyone is familiar with the use of food and ingestion metaphorically representing our sentient functions or the material for those functions, for example: "Food for Thought." In addition to using the similarities as an illustrative tool, I have amused myself through the years developing a more extensive comparison between the two processes.

Of course the process of thought is performed with a physical system just as process of digestion, and of course the absorption of information through our sensory organs is comparable with the ingestion of organic molecules through our digestive tract, as our assimilation of this information into understanding has many parallels with the ingestion of molecules through our metabolic process. But an interesting consideration is that our thought process is a physical operation that actually represents something outside of ourselves, and in many ways, without disturbing what is outside of ourselves. I read a book, I grasp the information and directly transform my neurological processes to retain that information, but the information remains undisturbed on the page. It is a beautiful event.

Also, on an aside, for those of you who enjoy geometry, when considering the alimentary canal, the physical bodies of animals are actually torus shapes.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Daily Meditation

Anytime I catch myself considering my life tough, I walk to the park and meditate upon this tree and tell myself to push harder and grow stronger.  

Interior Rhyme

I have seen a whole tree
grow through a crack in stone
and through the winter cleave
the rock to make a home.

In the spring the broad limbs
sing with the perches they provide
then summer with the fledglings
that fly into the sky.

Then the autumn turns
into the cooling days
and leaves as the sunlight burns
in a falling, glorious blaze.

The seasons change,
yet I remain.

Garrett Buhl Robinson

Friday, December 13, 2013

Coolest Book Club in the World

I bumped into the coolest book club in the world yesterday.  I asked if I could join and in the nicest way, they promised that they would put me on the top of the waiting list.

Check out the article and video on


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A fun little poem for the day

Street Performer

Talk about peculiar, but there is
a guy who sits all day on the curb
at the world’s busiest corner. 
As people dash to avoid each other
the rush of the mob will often converge
and mash against him with frumpy faces. 

As the crowd stands captivated by the light,
he entices them with a country smile
and opens a divertimento piece
with the little lyric he recites. 
Extending this gentle gift he sings,
the melody in the song he breathes,
he charms the crowd until the changing light
releases the winged poems into flight.  


A fun little piece I made up yesterday on a rainy day.