Saturday, December 22, 2012

I believe the problem of gun violence in the United States of America is an issue that cannot be resolved simply by gun bans.  

Still, Garrett Buhl Robinson absolutely supports:
- The ban of the sale of assault weapons.
- The ban on extended clips.
- The use of background checks for all gun purchases so that guns are not sold to convicted felons.
- Stricter laws and penalties for illegal gun possession and trafficking.
- The elimination of gun sales without background checks at gun shows.
- Engraving serial numbers on shell casings.

In my humble opinion:
Conflict arises from disagreement.
Disagreement arises from misunderstanding.
The decrease of conflict is directly proportional to the increase of understanding.
To increase understanding, we must communicate and communication requires listening, as much, if not more, than speaking.

It cannot be said that I turned a deaf ear to the truth.  - The Egyptian Book of the Dead