Thursday, May 8, 2014

Communing with the Ancients

Communing with the Ancients

Through a solitary stretch sketched
upon a parchment surface,

hatched from the brooding memories
of isolations and interactions,

meticulously formulated
into ponderously balanced phrases

carried about clasped to the breast,
surviving rebuke and neglect,

hollered from resounding mountains
and sipped with tender attention

through intimate statements
and broadening relations

while retaining rapturous meaning
through transcriptions and translations,

through the extending lengths of space and time
the reach of poets have touched my life.

Garrett Buhl Robinson


  1. Hi :) I finally ended up Zöe,so I decided to look for another book of your authory,but I found this so I decided to tell you something..
    Last month I went to NYC for vacation,and I saw you next to the library,I dont know why but you seemed to be so kind,so I decided to get closer.
    It was such an awesome idea;I purchased Zöe cause it really sounded interesting,but shat a surprise! When I startrd reading it,it was not only interesting it was even,the kind of books that are good for the soul.
    I want to congrat you for your work:) you're such a lovely person & I admire your work.You have and awesome way to write.
    And your book was my first book in English,and I have to tell,that some words where way too weird,but make the text too..idk,even poetic.
    Hope to read you again!
    Never give up

    Blessings from Mexicooooo:)

    1. Michelle,

      Thank you for sending your kind note and I am thrilled that you enjoyed reading Zoe.

      All the best,